Our fresh patterns

These are our newest available patterns. 🙂

New kendo season start promotion 33% OFF


Now that summer holidays are over and more and more people appear in the dojo, it’s a good idea to celebrate the start of the new kendo season with a 33% OFF promotion until 17. September.

It simply means that you can get your unique kendo tsuba for just 9,99 €/pc. (+shipping) until the promotion ends.

(Except the special offer for tournament tsuba.)

All incoming orders will be prepared after the end of promotion.

And also here are some new patterns 🙂


Good changes around Kinsho Tsuba!

We have some good news to share as slight changes have taken place in the making process of our custom tsuba. In short:

  • the material of the tsuba is changed from normal PC to premium PC
  • the tsuba bodies are now made by CNC milling machines, which has improved inner surface quality, dimensional accuracy and durability in general
  • the inner diameter got slightly bigger, actually 34 mm for 3.9 tsuba, and 32 mm for 3.8 tsuba
  • the outer diameter got slighlty smaller, it’s 84 mm at both sizes
  • thank to the changes in manufacturing process, we will be able to make the new tsuba in 1-2 weeks in the future 🙂
  • we offer tracking service to all of our shipments
  • prices of the tsuba have not changed 🙂
  • you can reach us at http://www.kendotsuba.com as well 😉




Important Updates


There are some updates on the site, which I list here briefly:

1. There is a new menu with and ordering form to make it easier to send an order. But if you want something unique, you still need to contact us at kinshotsuba@gmail.com

2. From now on, the thickness of the newly made Tsuba for 39 shinai is 8 mm for an additional durability. For details see the updated “Technical Info” menu.

3. The list of the currently available patterns are updated under “The Patterns” menu.

4. Please don’t forget the deadlines for Christmas orders.

  • Outside Europe: 13. November, next Sunday
  • in Europe: 30. November.

Deadline for Christmas orders



the deadline for Christmas orders is 30. november 2016

If you want a totally uniqe one, that’s no problem either, even if you can’t make it for yourself because I gladly help you in it.

Just contact me at: kinshotsuba@gmail.com

Tsuba Reservation for Hungary Cup 2016

The Annual Hungary Kendo Cup and Training Camp will take place in Budapest between 14.-17. July.

Kinsho Tsuba will also be there on 16. and 17. July during the Competition and we offer 20 % discount on all our  tsuba on the spot. Price for Hungary Cup: 11,90 € each.

To make it easier and sure that you can get yours you can now reserve one here. We plan to make 2-3 pieces from each pattern so reservation would be a really big help for us.

How to reserve a tsuba? Sorry, tsuba reservation time’s over.

Simply choose which one(s) you would like to buy and in which size. Reserved tsuba can only be received on 16.07, Saturday for the discounted price of 11,90 €. For 17.07, Sunday the reservations are cancelled.

Reservation does not mean that you must buy the  ones you picked, you just show your intention and thus help us.

Reserved tsuba can be only received at the Hungary Cup on the 16.07.2016.

Reservation is only possible until 01.07. 2016. 24:00.

Currently we have only a limited amount of patterns (5-6 pieces from each),  and for technical reasons it is not possible to make more before the competition.

To see name and number of the tsuba, move your mouse over it!

Personalized Tsuba with your name on it

Did you know? You can also have your name on the backside of KinshoTsuba, with katakana or latin letters, just like on your zekken.

It would make your tsuba totally unique and could also help you find your shinai even easier during a taikai or taraining camp.

You can have your name on any of the patterns and it is fully customizable for no additional price.

For example, you can order your club-tsuba with the names of the clubmembers on them.The name is visible only on the backside, which is looking to the tsuka or grip.

If you have any questions, write comments of contact us at info@kinshotsuba.com


New patterns for geeks and pirates

I have made some new designs for the star wars (Galactic Empire) and aliens (Xenomorpf) fans ( I am that too), and also for priate themed ideas with some pirate flags (Pirate 1-2)and treasure like outfit (Gem). These will be printed soon to see how they look like on a real tsuba.

Don’t forget that you can design your ideas too, very easily if you download our Photoshop template at the download section. 


KinshoTsuba for the Kendo Club of Szeged

szeged2Our latest order for Kendo Club of Szeged, Hungary (Szegedi Kendó Egyesület). The pattern of the tsuba has been made from the club’s logo. It took a while to finish them –  as all tusba bodies and sticking is all made by hand – but the result is pretty nice.

IMG_3720These tsuba will be used as prizes and memorabilia for the nex Tisza Cup in Winter 2016.

If you want to have your unique tsuba for your club, competition or yourself, feel free to download our PSD template and design your pattern, or write us and we can help too.

It is said that “varietas delectat” (variety is the spice of life) so add a pinch of it to your everyday training by dressing up your kendo tsuba!