Tsuba Reservation for Hungary Cup 2016

The Annual Hungary Kendo Cup and Training Camp will take place in Budapest between 14.-17. July.

Kinsho Tsuba will also be there on 16. and 17. July during the Competition and we offer 20 % discount on all our  tsuba on the spot. Price for Hungary Cup: 11,90 € each.

To make it easier and sure that you can get yours you can now reserve one here. We plan to make 2-3 pieces from each pattern so reservation would be a really big help for us.

How to reserve a tsuba? Sorry, tsuba reservation time’s over.

Simply choose which one(s) you would like to buy and in which size. Reserved tsuba can only be received on 16.07, Saturday for the discounted price of 11,90 €. For 17.07, Sunday the reservations are cancelled.

Reservation does not mean that you must buy the  ones you picked, you just show your intention and thus help us.

Reserved tsuba can be only received at the Hungary Cup on the 16.07.2016.

Reservation is only possible until 01.07. 2016. 24:00.

Currently we have only a limited amount of patterns (5-6 pieces from each),  and for technical reasons it is not possible to make more before the competition.

To see name and number of the tsuba, move your mouse over it!


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