New! Warranty info and ~47% and ~33% OFF Owner discount offer


Polycarbonate, the material of which our tsuba is made, is a very strong plastic, however it is not unbreakable.

Our aim at Kinsho Tsuba is to make you able to use your favorite personal tsuba comfortably, so we offer a warranty for accidental material-error, and an owner-discount offer.

We offer a 2-month-warranty for breakage due to accidental material error for our tsuba. (Less than 0,5 % were reported from our 1st and 2nd generation tsuba with probable material error so far and 0% from our CNC manufactured 3rd generation tsuba.)

It means that should your tsuba break during regular use, in 2 months after you had recieved it, we change it for free. Just send us the picture about your demaged tsuba within the warranty-period and you’ll get a new one.

Longer warranty period is not possible, as the life of a tsuba depends mostly on the technique of the kendoka who holds the shinai and his / her opponent, just like a shinai can be easily broken because of only one unfortunate strike as well.

However most of our tsuba are in use for years now.

This offer is valid from 01.01.2018. until cancellation.

Owner discount offer


Your tsuba may wear out with time because of the many trainigs you have attanded, or you may get bored of it and want another design. So we have a special offer for you as a Kinsho Tsuba owner.

Wherever you want to change your existing or demaged tsuba after the warranty period, just send us a picture about it in its actual form and you are eligible for a special ~47% discount for a new tsuba (after the 47 loyal Ronin:) with whether the same design or with any other new one. In addition this offer is valid for +1 tsuba with ~33% off for any design.


This offer is valid for all the Kinsho Tsuba owners, it does not matter whether you bought, got as a gift, or won your tsuba, also does not matter when.

If you want a new one, just send us an actual picture about it,

and you are eligible to order 1 tsuba for 8,00 EUR/pc, (exl. shipping)


you can also order +1 Tsuba for 33% OFF (9,90 EUR, exl. shipping.)

This offer is valid for one tsuba, and also valid for the new one.

For example, if you have 2 tsuba, you can get 2 new ones for 8,00 EUR, + 2 pieces for 9,90 EUR, and 2 months later you can validate this offer once for your new tsuba as well.

This offer is valid from 01.01.2018. until cancellation.



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