Making schedule


Please note that currently KinshoTsuba is a “side project”, which means that we try to fulfill the orders as soon as possible but the making of the tsuba can only take place in our so called free time. 

Next making interval for patterns on the “Patterns” webpage

You can send in orders continually at the moment. However, Christmas gift period is over.

 Incoming orders for existing patterns will be ready made during this interval. Orders for new, custom patterns are continually in progress but the actual preaparation can be done during this period.

But you can of course send in orders before this interval, which also helps us to manage our manufacturing time.

Next deadline for custom orders for the next making interval is:

You can send in custom orders continually at the moment.

It means, if you want a new, custom pattern, the graphics must be sent in to us until this late otherwise you patterns can only be done during the next main interval.