Personalized Tsuba with your name on it

Did you know? You can also have your name on the backside of KinshoTsuba, with katakana or latin letters, just like on your zekken.

It would make your tsuba totally unique and could also help you find your shinai even easier during a taikai or taraining camp.

You can have your name on any of the patterns and it is fully customizable for no additional price.

For example, you can order your club-tsuba with the names of the clubmembers on them.The name is visible only on the backside, which is looking to the tsuka or grip.

If you have any questions, write comments of contact us at



New patterns for geeks and pirates

I have made some new designs for the star wars (Galactic Empire) and aliens (Xenomorpf) fans ( I am that too), and also for priate themed ideas with some pirate flags (Pirate 1-2)and treasure like outfit (Gem). These will be printed soon to see how they look like on a real tsuba.

Don’t forget that you can design your ideas too, very easily if you download our Photoshop template at the download section. 


KinshoTsuba for the Kendo Club of Szeged

szeged2Our latest order for Kendo Club of Szeged, Hungary (Szegedi Kendó Egyesület). The pattern of the tsuba has been made from the club’s logo. It took a while to finish them –  as all tusba bodies and sticking is all made by hand – but the result is pretty nice.

IMG_3720These tsuba will be used as prizes and memorabilia for the nex Tisza Cup in Winter 2016.

If you want to have your unique tsuba for your club, competition or yourself, feel free to download our PSD template and design your pattern, or write us and we can help too.

It is said that “varietas delectat” (variety is the spice of life) so add a pinch of it to your everyday training by dressing up your kendo tsuba!

Hungary Cup 2015 Prizes


The annual Hungary Cup will take place this weekend (18-19.07.2015) in Budapest at a totally new and better place with upgraded features.

We are glad to announce that the best two of each category will receive a TSST Tsuba as a prize (among other prizes). (Except the junior and children categories where the winners get a set of the Kendo Playing Cards.)

We wish you a great time in Budapest and have a successful competition and gradings!


New TSST patterns!

Our new tsuba patterns are going to be printed next week. The tsuba-s promised earlier will be ready around 10-15 May. 🙂


A jövő héten nyomtatásra kerülnek a fenti TSST mintázatok a budapesti Happu Fudo Kendo Klub részére, valamint kísérleti jelleggel a Szegedi Kendó Egyesületnek. Valamint készül néhány minta Deák Miklós dizájnjából is. Továbbá készülnek példányok a korábban kiposztolt átlátszó, fekete MJKK tsubából is.

Hamarosan a korábban megígért tsubák is elkészülnek, nagyjából május 10-15. körül, de lehet, hogy előbb is. 🙂

Fujin egyébként a szél istene és a legidősebb shinto istenség, Raijin pedig a villámlás és a vihar japán istene. Raijin lényegében Thor japán megfelelője.



TSST Pattern for the Happu Fudo Kendo Club, Budapest, Hungary by Péter Németh

TSST_FujinRaijin_by Miklos Deak

Fujin-Raijin TSST Pattern by Miklós Deák

TSST pattern for Szegedi Kendó Egyesület, Szeged, Hungary

TSST pattern for Szegedi Kendó Egyesület, Szeged, Hungary