Ordering form

Please use this form for ordering from our patterns available on the Patterns Page.

Write an order this way: Example:

[Number of Pattern] [Name of pattern] [Size 3.9 or 3.8 shinai] [Quantity]

For Example:

Nr. 2. Galactic White -3.9 -2x,  Nr. 17 Maneki Neko – 3.8 – 1x

The 3.9 and 3.8 size are available almost immediately, for unique designs, or Size 3.9 Large grip, please contact as through email.

We will get in contact with you soon. Please choose your payment method, we will send you the payment information an email.



Prices and shipping info

  • AUTUMN OFFER – EVRY KINSHO TSUBA IS 9,90 EUR until 30th November! Pleas use the ordering form or write an email! 

    • 1-4x KinshoTsuba with any of the patterns + a simple transparent tsubadome: 14.90 EUR 9,90 EUR + shipping  (17,50 USD + shipping) to anywhere in the world
    • From 5x or more KinshoTsuba with any of the patterns + a simple transparent tsubadome to each: 9,90 EUR/pc. (~11,64 USD) + shipping 

The same price are valid for all sizes and types, and for all the quantities from 5 pieces.

Prices include tax and exclude shipping costs.

Shipping costs:

  • 1 pcs: 6,50 €  (worldwide, priority airmail with tracking)
  • 2 pcs:  8,25 €  (worldwide, priority airmail with tracking)
  • 3-4 pcs: 11,40 € (worldwide, priority airmail with tracking)
  • 4-8 pcs: 17,35 € (worldwide, priority airmail with tracking)
  • For shipping prices for more than 8 pieces, please contact us. Normally it goes with fedex, or with some other reliable service. (F.e. around 20 pcs ~37-40 USD)

Shipping time:

  • 3-5 working days within Europe with priority airmail with tracking
  • 5-10 working days outside Europe with priority airmail with tracking
  • Note: Bigger orders go with shipping company